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a four song EP from the North Dakota Hardcore act iirtz


released August 13, 2010

Josh Haider- Vocals
Tanner Leier- Guitar
Casey Miller- Guitar
Anthony Howe- Drums

EP recorderd, mixed, and mastered by Gregory Lindholm
Additional Vocals on All Bets Are Off by Paul Olson of The Suit



all rights reserved


IF I RAN THE ZOO Bismarck, North Dakota

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Track Name: Reprisal
When in the house of Hades
Men forget that they're dead
But even there will I remember my dear companion

You float the river sticks
For answers to your life
But this reprisal was not enigmatic

My sword has a taste for the flesh of the impure design

I watched, as men dropped like flies
Destitution, wears quite the disguise
My stiletto gleams at such vehement Hedonism


Crying, “Death to all who yet draw breathe”
I am your foe
I am the antagonist

Begging for peace is begging for genocide

If sepulture offers complacency
Then what more could you ask of me
I'll sever the ties by which you Breath
Then let’s see how much of a man you'll be

Not tomorrow
Not today

I am the end of the world
And I will not die

I am the life keeper
I am the helping hand
I am the reaper
I am the wrath of man
Track Name: All Bets Are Off
We all hear the notes differently
Although they are played on the same key
It’s like the sea playing a tune that the wind can’t understand
It’s the noose being presented to the innocent man

And our lives will one day end
Do you know where you stand?

This is a draw
Yet both the birds will be killed
By the same stone they perched atop
This is a draw
This is a draw

And if I die
Then tell the waves to cease to the surface
And float me back to where my face met the gravel
So I can watch the impossible
So I can watch the heroes head roll

I’m not the anchor for the dead
I’m the noose around your neck

With these thoughts at my heels
I’ll die as a lived

Run from the cadence unfamiliar
And face the masses who rush toward
The dream refused to know
Though your goal shares a similar flow

If I die
Then tell the waves to cease to the surface
And float me back to where my face met the gravel

Snap at me again
I’ll snap your neck
Track Name: The Silent Cartographer
This war has a price you know
This crew will not stay silent
This bow will never hold
As these waves crash beneath us

This ship is going down
Wait for me
At the bottom of the sea

Cries and bloodstained apologies
Know no Ground
On this ship
Destined to drown
Since port I heard this whisper

"Afloat with anchors drawn
You will see the bottom"
(Of the sea)

Say goodbye with dead lips
Open these eyes
Which blood drips

And as my wounds are open
I shed not a tear
As my dreams are forgotten
I see a shattered mirror
Reflecting the freezing image
And blood red fear
This Vile Purging
Knows not an end

You can't stop this now
It's only just begun

This is Terror
At its finest
Track Name: Radiance
Lay down your arms
I’ve seen this before
Nothing awaits you here
But a contorted abattoir

And now we wait for the spark
To ignite vociferation
Crooked hands and knees crawl
On the ground becoming less stable

Now we set this scarecrow off with a spark
Burning and cascading leaving the mark
Perceiving the events yet to come
But I swear with all my strength I will sever the heart

Now we hide as the flames embark
Burning and cascading lighting the dark

Now I know
How this will end
Now I’ve seen
The severed head

Now let’s see
Just how tough you are
My heart will beat
Long after I fall
Because I’ve got something
No one can take from me
I have the answers
And the keys that will set me free

But they have come to murder my own
But they have come to murder my own
Now I have come to murder my own

This is the last chance you have
Run from the shadows you make
Kill like you know how
Kill like we have to

I am the words
To the eulogy
When you look for answers
Buried at your feet

I am the notes
Played on key
When you find the answers
Are not what you need